Cadavre Exquis: An Anatomy of Utopia

Visual identity of Cadavre Exquis: An Anatomy of Utopia exhibition at London Design Biennale 2016.

A spatial version of the Surrealist game, playfully invites you to arrive at your own utopia through a series of decisive moves. The Polish team — designer Maria Jeglinska and art historian and critic Klara Czerniewska—were more fascinated by the imaginary journey that leads to Thomas More’s island than the destination itself. To this end, Jeglinska and Czerniewska have devised a site-specific spatial game of Cadavre Exquis (or “Exquisite Corpse”), in which you must construct your own ideas of utopia (or dystopia) by navigating various questions and making subsequent moves.

Commissioned by:
Design Team: Maria Jeglinska (designer); Krzysztof Pyda (visual identity); Kaja Kusztra (epilogue); Paweł Andryszczyk (sound)
Curators: Klara Czerniewska, Maria Jeglinska